Tuesday, March 28, 2006

...room in my heart...

a love story of 5 good friends – jiankang, kaixin, wenhui, xiaoyan and jinsheng. jiankang, kaixin and jinsheng are good friends since childhood. jiankang and kaixin are brothers and sisters but not the biological siblings relationship.

jiankang and jinsheng has always loved kaixin. both jiankag and jinsheng are best buddies since childhood. but all three realises that they will never be able to fall in love with each other. kaixin grew up to marry wenhui. jinsheng about to get married to xiaoyan.

story 1:
kaixin and wenhui got married and stays with kaixin’s mum. jiankang; who has always been the best brother in the world, who took care of kaixin since young, iron her clothes, buy her breakfast, wash her clothes and even accompany her to see doctor; now that kaixin is pregnant. being a guy who grew up in singapore, jealousy obviously got over wenhui and problem starts arising. wenhui was jealous over jiankang who has always lucky to be there as of when kaixin needed help. jiankang is like the guardian angel, who turns up all the time to help his sister and does every single work in the house from washing to ironing and getting breakfast ready. one day when kaixin was pregnant and bored at home, she went out to the catering store opened by jiankang to help. and obviously in a chinese show, something sure to happen. kaixin walked onto a tap and her stomach was hurting. she was sent to the hospital. and of course at the same time wenhui just got fired from his work for simply signing a document which he hesitantly and hurriedly signed just because he wants to rush to send the wife for checkup. of course, getting fired, his wife and jiankang story and etc, people do get jealous. and what best way to forget all these unhappiness than to get drunk.

story 2:
jinsheng and xiaoyan were to get married tomorrow. she found a yoghurt bar that jinsheng has thrown. she got jealous because the yoghurt bar was given by kaixin and obviously no girl can tolerate his husband to be keeping a yoghurt bar given by his beloved kaixin. just the day before they were to get registered, she ran out of the house. feeling rejected, unloved and unhappy. and of course what better way to forget all the unhappiness than to get drunk.

of course both got drunk on the same day and obviously as any chinese show, somehow met each other out of the hundreds of bar in singapore. and you know the ending. and of course the next morning when both found out that both were in the nude in the bed everyone knew what happened. xiaoyan left hurriedly while wenhui drove like a mad dog. and yes, you guessed it. wenhui met with an accident. of course we all know what happens next. wenhui was blinded by the accident.

xioayan got married to jinsheng. 6 weeks later she found out that she was pregnant and that she does not know who the father was. what do you think will happen next? the next case of mrs solis from desperate housewives?

love is such a beautiful thing. passionate. desirable. almost unmentionable. yet, it hurts so much. bringing pain and suffering. making us unhappy and wounded. but yet, people still fall in love and fall out of love and later fall off the world. its so hard just to love someone. unsatisfactoriness, unhappiness are part and parcel of the package, but of course happiness and bliss comes along.

happiness. such an overrated word. but what does happiness means to you. whats the formula to be happy?

X + [5P] + 4NT(Y) + K[n-3] = HAPPINESS
find X and Y. if we have found X and Y, we would have known the level of our happiness. so, what is your level of happiness?

Monday, March 27, 2006


How much time do you think I spent on writing this? Shucks!!!I actually took so much time to write this thing. Here goes…

4 jobs you've had in your life:

  1. Service Staff with Pizza Hut in PJ New Town. I started off as the kitchen staff but then found that my strength is more towards talking and I like meeting people, thus I changed to be the front liner.
  2. Marketing Executive with 3-MANGO. Something that nobody knows I did before. Quite sometime ago. And I quite like the marketing job too. Rather interesting.
  3. Trainer cum Event Organizer with INCOVAR. Trained students, young working adults in areas of character development and team building. Conducted workshop sessions, experiential learning workshops in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Korea and soon Taiwan.
  4. IITC Sdn Bhd

4 movies you could watch over and over:

Heck I don’t even have a list of movies that I have watched before.

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch:

  1. Desperate Housewives (1/2)
  2. The Apprentice
  3. Amazing Race
  4. CSI

4 places you've lived:

  1. 38 Jalan SS1/19 Kampung Tunku Petaling Jaya (that time no postcode yet)
  2. 55 Jalan 20/12 Paramount Garden 46300 Petaling Jaya Selangor
  3. D1323 Lorong Seludang 8, Off Jalan Kampung Jawa 25200 Kuantan Pahang Darul Makmur
  4. North Chiang Mai University

4 places you've been vacation to:

  1. Thailand – Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Petchaboon (Switzerland of Thailand)
  2. Korea - Seoul
  3. Singapore
  4. Malaysia – From Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh to Gua Tempurung to Pangkor to Penang all the way to Langkawi then to Pedu Lake, towards Kota Bahru, then down to Kuala Terengganu to Redang then to Kuantan to Mersing then to Tioman to Kenyir Lake to Malacca.

4 places you would rather be:

  1. Bangkok
  2. Somewhere far from KL
  3. Somewhere near the beach
  4. Somewhere not here!

4 of your favourite food:

  1. Lays - only in Bangkok. Cheap and Nice
  2. French Fries.
  3. Nasi Lemak.
  4. Chicken Meat Porridge with YauCharKwai

Contrary to popular believe, I actually don’t like to eat.

4 websites you visit daily:

  1. friends.blog1 friends.blog2 friends.blog3 friends.blog4 friends.blog5

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Friday, March 24, 2006

...smart car or smart people...

...sometimes when u see a nice car on the road, somehow our eyes will be geared towards the car. its a natural thing that we do and dunno why the attraction of a nice car or a weird car beats all other beautiful things on the road.

i have the privilege of running around in a nice car last week. it was not bad after all, not as comfortable as it looks, but considering the fact that many people complimented the car instead of the driver. wakakaz. yeap. the car steals all the attention. we were at permata in bangi and the guard commented, nice car! and the driver was like, what? nice car? driver not nice arr. wakakaz. well of course being the owner of the car, definitely she will give comments like, smart car for smart people only or only smart people drives smart car.

anyway, for the past thu and fri i was in that car more than in my own car; travelling to putrajaya and bangi for presentation!...

Sunday, March 19, 2006


...introducing rufus. he likes to run around my legs, following me whereever i walk around the porch, as i go into my car, as i open the gate, or close the gate. when i come out from my car to go into my house, he will run towards me and like greet me when i step foot out from my car. even when the gate is open, he will never wander out of the compound. he will sit quietly just infront of our main door and if he sees us he will try to climb into the house. my dad has put a small door block thingy to avoid him trying to come into the house. and of course he and my dad are like good frens as my dad will jaga him very well. feed him nice food, tuna and bread, toast, etc. and he enjoys the tuna very much. he is also fond of muruku. dunno why ler...

...rufus : my dad's new pet...

Saturday, March 18, 2006

...perception of the future...

...we do not assume the enemy will not come, but instead we must be prepared for his coming; not to presume he will not attack, but instead to make our own position unassailable...

tms has been a huge problem in many aspects. being the biggest of the whole lot, it is bound to receive many critism and attacks, hatred and jealousy, vulnerable and weak. but of course it does not only come with weaknesses but fullforce of positive learning points and attitude. i believe so. i have been involved in this project since sept 8, 2004. not until may 2005 tht i assume the role of leading the entire timeline and deliverables of the project. of course together with it it comes along with alot of problems; especially on the area where the previous leaderhip was not appropriately handled. and some of the resources who are overly over the edge. it was also due to the management that failed miserably. i took over the role of a leader in there, not the manager as i do not have the luxury of the legitimate power. no expert power, no coercive power, no reward power and no referent power was given to me. i have no power. i only receive good education and good experience from my involvement in external activities. i have a group of friends that works well to strive for progression. my kalyana mitras.

i only have 3 fundamental guidelines that allows me to see beyond what is presented::
*i was guided by the moral law of believing in working towards achieving a good cause.
*i was given the insight of building an organization climate of equity, trust and cohesive team spirit that will inevitably set the environment in which people are more likely to contribute to the corporate effort.
*i was guided by the very basic of all rules, lead with confidence, wise, sincere, courageous, benevolent and disciplined

with these fundamentals guidance, i shared with my teammates things that they might not get the chance to learn in the company. i shared with them soft skills and guided them in ways to improve their communication skills. i shared with them various methods of increasing their personal success rate - from 50% to 85%. i changed their perspective in looking at things. i sold to them opportunities; i sold them confidence and more importantly, i sold to them success. and having a good foresight...

...foresight :: perception of the significance and nature of events before they have occurred...

Friday, March 17, 2006

...free first class ticket...

...my good fren success gave me a free SUCCESS Airlines first class ticket yesterday. the flight was SC782 departing kota damansara at 8.15pm. arriving at 9.00pm to cheras domestic airfield.
what did i miss by getting that first class ticket? cancelled my movie outing, cut short a discussion with a colleague, no dinner at home and its raining tht nite. shucks. well, wht to do? already happened. life goes on...

...fly first class with SUCCESS airlines...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

...blew up today...

...i so screwed one of my colleague today. i was so freaking frustrated over his attitude of talk too much, complaints too much, reasoning too much, wasting time talking to him kind of attitude that i shouted at him and its over. everyone else was watching me walking away with anger.

i just asked him to open his dept door for me for a while to check something as i was rushing out to jtm meeting and i so needed the document and i am so late. yea, its already 1245pm and he was waiting to go for lunch. so i mar ask can u just open the door and lemme check if the document is in there. he gave tonnes of excuses, 2pm ler, not free ler, cannot leave me alone in there lar, this lar, that lar and i was so late already that i just shouted, you want to open or not. yet he gave the same excuses. i just freaking shouted out, fine, if u do not want to open the door, just say you freaking dont want to. dont give me excuses. and i just walked away. everyone else was like, shit wht happened just now.

then rushed to meeting in jtm, another idiot was asking stupid questions about asking me to be creative to design the screens and he will see if it meets his requirements. i was so like wtf u talking. wht u f*-ing want, just tell me and i see if can be done within timeline. dont ask me to be creative and do first and later show the f*-ing thing to u. and later u f*-ing print out and see if it meets the requirements or not. f* dude the requirements stage is so over di ler; 2 years ago, where have u been? hiding in ur stupid cave like u have been doing all these while? i was so freaking mad today at the meeting especially at tht idiot and i know everyone noticed tht. and of course everyone was so freaking mad with tht idiot too. and tht idiot left the meeting without saying anything.

well, i think i learn a lesson here. its just so hard to control ur anger when u are faced with those idiots. dem those idiots. i am known to be a patient person all these while and i just blew it today. later i apologised to those guys who saw me burst out to that idiot.

i will not do that again. i hope. i am so dem tired now and still going thru the requirements from ilmi. next will be pnc. and i am so sorry for all the f* languages here and there...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

...office is bugged!!!...

...this is so weird. yesterday evening i was chatting with this colleague abt being the earliest to work and latest to go back and how much the bosses knows about it or does the mgmt even bother about it. this colleague told me tht the mgmt knws one; especially our e.d sure knows abt it. i kept telling this colleague that, i dont see tht the e.d sees all these. but doesnt matter la. i knw i need to get things done mar.

and to my surprise, this morning, as usual arrives at office at about 8.10am, opening the main glass door at my office, our e.d arrived(suddenly comes so early) and of course i wished him good morning. and he said to me :: mooi, u are always the earliest to come and last to leave arr? i was like...

then, i said, no ler. sometimes loon was the last also.

another incident was i was telling this colleague about how meetings should be conducted and how it should be done to make it effective and saves time. and the very next day, our e.d started to implement it during our forthnightly technical meeting. i was like...

hmm, makes me think...somehow he knows. dunno how; but the things that i said about suggestions and stuffs, he will know. did he bug the room arr? scarry!

...alam vs ilmi...

...iitc got 2 new projects recently. ilmi & alam. both also started off so wrong. so wrong right from the beginning. right from where the sales ppl sold this system. but, doesnt matter now. problem - identified. now solution to suggest.

both project have really short timeline. too many compliants but none we have. not enuff people to work on it. pm like getting stressed. scope too wide. what can we do? looks like alot of problems. like d'oh obviously. and d'oh i am in one of the project : ilmi. and i am so stress now. but not as stress as the alam pm. but my one and only programmer - kok sian who is working on this project got chicken pox. and will be on mc for a week. and my project timeline is onli like 25 man days. and arghh...more d'oh. alex taught me to look at opportunities in problems. i have yet to see the opportunities here yet. but i am sure i hope i might be able to catch a glimpse of it before the whole project ends (too short of a timeline)
called kok sian, and he said he will still work from home and shall be able to complete some of the stuff if not all. and this is seriously wht i appreciate the most from this new guy. good work attitude! i like!!!

the best thing was the location of both projects. pd and malacca. take a look at the pictures below. dem beautiful scenery and location. maybe thats the opportunity. wakakaz...

...alam(r) and ilmi(l). alam next to the beach & ilmi a few minutes drive to avillion pd. fantastic...

Monday, March 13, 2006

...when someone runs out of drive...

...what can he do?

...emcee @ wedding dinner...

...i never want to emcee any wedding dinner again. just came back from emceeing a colleagues wedding dinner @ concorde hotel kuala lumpur. dunno why i agreed to it also ler, but it was indeed stressful lor. so i mar pull justin in with me. at least not so tension with someone to share the burden with. wakakaz.
my first sentence was totally out. i cant even hear my own voice. it was trembling. and i was kinda like sweating. gosh, what happened to me tht time. i think it was because of the height of the rostrum and the volume of the mic. i would prefer to stand higher on the stage and of course with a louder mic would help.
so, anymore emceeing a wedding dinner? nope. never. dont want. not ever. unless its loon's wedding. i will do it for him, if he wants me to do ler. and of course another person to partner. wakakaz. and then, we can make more fun out of the dinner itself. cool!
...justin and me...

Thursday, March 9, 2006

...farnee accident...

...was at ilmi - pd to push customer to sign off the documents. all settled. they finally signed all my documents and now we are ready to start work officially. one farnee thing that happened was we saw an accident that involves a police car. dem farnee. and another police car was driving like mad to the rescue. of course no serious injuries. just the butt of the police car was brutally scarred!. wakakakz...

Monday, March 6, 2006

...car got screwed...

...screwed too many ppl over the weekend and my car got screwed. this is called the workings of karma. haih.
i was on my way to a meeting last nite. as usual running abit late. so usually drive fast. the road has been so familiar with me that, i can drive with my eyes closed. and so i thought. i drove right into a huge big pothole right in front of riana green. i so like wtf. shucks. my car. dem. as soon as i made the right turn at the traffic light, i notice my car steering was abit out. if i let go the steering, the car would go 45degrees towards the left. darn. i had to drive my car with the steering wheel 45degrees to the right inoder to drive straight.
all the way, i was so hoping that my wheel wont fall off. driving along nkve, towards uptown, turning right into ldp and then making a left turn to ss2 with a wheel that is so off balance is not easy. my heart was beating so fast and all sorts of imaginations starts running thru my head. what is the wheel just flew off right at the junction where i turn off from nkve to ldp right infront of uptown. i would be so embarassed. what if the tyre got punctured right at the road opposite murni in ss2. and so many ppl would be staring at me. goodness. i think i was more afraid of embarassment than safety. how doh am i.
so now, got the car alignment done. but mechanic say absorber could go anytime if kena again. darn. it will cost me rm300+ to replace it. looks like i cant drive like i am on a prado di. arghh..help fix my car...

Saturday, March 4, 2006

...screw-driver day...

...2march-3march 2006. kevin went to visit poli perlis, poli jitra and poli seberang prai while i visited ilp jitra and ilp ipoh. all are in the north region. save cost, travel together...
things that happened while on this biz trip::

a. almost lost my hp.
b. did a hands-on cum presentation session to mohr.
c. screwed kiosk vendor - touch screen fella.
d. screwed kiosk vendor - virtual keyboard fella.
e. screwed kiosk vendor's boss

hands-on session ::
to over 40 ketua pengarah and pegawai kanan of the ministry of human resources in jitra. my session was at 4pm-6pm but ended at 630pm. at first i was terrified cos so many ketua pengarah. its either i do well or sucks badly. so i prayed and made aspiration just before the session. and my good karma saved me.
i think i did well. with the help of my guardian angel, wern tien standby in ciast the entire morning till 6pm, everything went well, no operation time-out error or channel-communication problem. phew. wern tien really did well this time. he put in all the data that i require, solved all the errors which was like bugging me for the whole week, solved my duplicate records, cleaned the database and above all stood by me there (though 500km away) but i really appreciate it.
and this presentation will not be successful without him. of course with kevin who drove all the way there and waited almost an hour for my presentation to finish. i believe we made an impression to all the ketua pengarah and i think i have answered most of their questions. i even managed to let each of the ketua pengarah do a hands-on session to 4 main processes : application, manage application, enrolment and collection. 40+ of them managed the whole processes until collection and they all left with a happy smiling face. thats when i notice, i did make an impression on them. so proud of myself. but whatever problems comes later, we worry later.

screwed kiosk vendor ::
1. vendor gave us wrong cd to install the touchscreen software
2. vendor did not answer my call when i called him 3 times. he claims he did not see any miss calls or received any calls. yes, i called the right number. if he can say like that, then i have nothing else to say to them.
3. i was at jitra, which is like over 500km away from kl and they gave me a wrong cd for installation. he said he will email me and then guide me thru phone to install. he mailed to the wrong email. and when i called again, and checked if he emailed correctly, then onli i found out wrong email.
4. ilp jitra system admin had to miss his bus (jitra off on fri) to be with me to solve the problem, but kenot solve.
5. another case in ilp ipoh. vendor say immediate action to give me the activation key when i sms him the key to activate the software. sms him, but no reply. sms second time, still no reply. third time sms, also no reply. after 30min, i called him, no answer. called again 5 min later, also no answer. resorted to call his boss. boss answer and say, tht guy might be somewhere got no line. d'oh how protective.
6. i received the reply at abt 1030pm. he said he left his hp at home. LAME. and he will give me the activation key the next morning. HELLO. i already said i am back in kl and that i cant be there to wait for him in ipoh. yet he still give me that crap of asking me for activation key. d'oh how stupid can one be.
7. he even threaten me the next morning saying that i need to give him the key asap. i was so furious that when i replied, and i wanted to reply to show that i am furious, i asked him to settle with his boss and gimme a solution.

ok. i screwed so my vendor. sometimes hoping they will go fly uncle charlies kite and out of business for having such bad services. good thing or bad thing. dem! a frustrating weekend for me. the day i screwed so many people and appreciated so many helpful souls!
arghh...hope this week will be a better one...

Friday, March 3, 2006

...lost handphone...

...but found.
left iitc @ 5.45am on a thursday 2nd march and arrived at jitra @ 10.00am. nonstop drive all the way to jitra. and gawd knows where is jitra. checked the map and shucks, its so dem near to perlis. imagine if i were to drive alone all the way up there. stopped to pump petrol somewhere after sg petani. kevin pumped full tank to his waja and the meter shows rm91++. as if we were driving a merz.

kevin and i stopped by a malay stall to have our brunch in jitra. enjoyed our morning brunch of nasi lemak with chicken and sotong and etc which cost so much lesser than in kl. paid and left for ilp jitra, which was like 3minutes drive away. registered my name at the guardhouse. then we drove to the e.training lab. and as i was getting out of the car, to my surprise i dunno where is my hp. i searched my pockets. looked under the seats. i checked my bag. i looked in the gloves compartment. i was frantic. first time in all my years of holding on to the 8250 that i dunno where is my phone? sucks big time. i tot i left it at the guard house, but when i went back there, i could not find it. sucks more bigger time.

kevin suggested maybe i left it at the malay stall outside where we had our brunch. tried calling my hp, yes it was ringing but nobody picked up. so i tot, it shud be save cos if someone were to stole it, it sure will be off by now. the 3minutes drive out seems like eternity. einstein law of relativity seems to be working so well. all the time i was only thinking, i cant afford a new phone now. and i certainly cant afford to lose it now. we rushed back to the malay stall and as soon as i got out from the car, the stall owner took my hp out from the drawer and pass it back to me. phew, thank goodness!

i think with the condition of my hp, nobody wud want to take it anyway. trade in price :: rm0

what were we (kevin & me) doing in jitra anyway...
(to be continued in another post)

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

...so free arr. nbtd...

...hectic day indeed. rushing to issue invoice for customer. then to issue invoice you need a d.o. then rushed to issue d.o to customer. after which, prepare to issue invoice to another customer. then rushed a new pc to pcs dept to setup w2k3, sql2k, 1744 and 1.0 framework. then, learned how to install the kiosk machine and also the touch screen in which i need to deliver to customer tomorrow. wanted to borrow screwdriver, but nobody has. doh. all settled, then test the system why got duplicate record. checked and found solution. some sort of changed session the counter did not change or what-so-ever thingy. then checked why system got operation time-out. then meetup with new guy in project team. set expectation for him. discussed some issues. everything also he say ok. i hope he is ok. meeting with other pm to discuss abt resources. not enough people. everything also needs people to do. how also must complete. instruction from mgmt. how? i oso dunno. then evening, sit down prepare handouts to all ketua pengarah tomorrow in jitra. still typing and printing. and its already 930pm. i am so tired. tomorrow need to arrive office at 530am to begin journey to jitra with kevin. kevin visit poli, i go ilp. save cost pulak. but long-long drive to up north. why not fly u may ask. no budget mar. kevin also so many places to go. poli-hopping! - prai, jitra and perlis and gawd knows how far is each other. shall be staying overnite in penang and hope to call some friends out too.

...arghh, what a long day...