Monday, June 26, 2006


...choleric melancholic :: these days i have been so obssess with the personality test thingy that i made most of my colleague take the test. hmm, that shows my choleric part of me. anyway, being a choleric melancholic, a complimentary blend - a combination that fits well together and completes the lack in each others' natures - thats what the book says. having this choleric temperament makes me sound bossy most of the times, but the sad part is knowing it and doing nothing about it makes me even worst. coupled with this melancholic personality, i dont compromise for low quality. as fred put it, i am someone who wants everything to go my way because i know my way is the best way as i expect quite high in people to be perfect in many ways. but due to my sanguine temperament which is quite high too, all of these are balanced up. and that makes a perfect person in any organisation. yah right! wakakakz...this statement already shows my personality. hmm, i am totally phlegmaticless.

[nothing is beyond the range of this combination, and they will be successful no matter how long it takes. because this blend is decisive, organised and goal oriented, they have the most drive and determination and can hold tight onto causes forever; headed in a positive direction they are most successful but carried to extremes, even their strength become overbearing]

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

...not broken lar...

...i was told by a good fren that his company practices; if it ain't broken, don't fix it. well, there are alot of spiritual being or rather, human being do the same. yea, of course, if it ain't broken, why bother get it fix. of course, that is the easiet way out. why bother. let it be. it ain't broken anyway.

i was thrown this today. if it ain't broken...
1. challenge it
2. improve it
3. standardize it

yeap. first, challenge it, then find ways to improve on it, after which see how we can standardize it...

Friday, June 16, 2006


...have you gone thru times when, sometimes when you are driving around looking for a carpark, and you kept telling yourself, that the carpark will be available and thinking that the carpark is available. and when you reach the place, indeed the car park is available for you. have you sometimes, wish for something to happen and indeed or miraculously what you wish for came true. or even, when you are scared to go for a presentation because you are afraid that whatever may go wrong, will go wrong - the ever famouse murphy law; because you kept thinking that things will go wrong...

i attended a seminar on sq'ing your life yesterday and the speaker brought up some point which made me wonder and put me in awe most of the time.
we have heard about iq - intelligent quotient. later we found that eq - emotional quotient plays an important role in our life. now, there is another thing called the sq - spiritual quotient. no, sq does not dictate how spiritual you are or how religiously your personality are. it goes beyond that of iq, eq and a new one to you all, kq - knowledge quotient. hard to understand. difficult to digest. its the power of thougts; the law of perpetual transmutation. the thinking knowledge. sq is a combination of four components;
  • mental power
  • action power
  • personality power
  • universal power - which is the extended power
still, what is sq?
sq is the intelligence used to solve problems of meaning and value. it is about the growth of a human being. it is about moving on in life. about having a direction in life and being able to heal ourselves of all the resentment we carry. it is thinking of ourselves as an expression of a higher reality.
according to some studies, spiritual intelligence is about the human need and talent for finding meaning in experience. it is our access to and use of meaning, vision, and value in the way that we think and the decision that we make. sq cannot be quantified or measured, whereas iq and eq may be assessed.

let me throw in some quotes and see if it makes sense...
...we are spiritual being having a human experience... cannot control the thoughts that comes to you, but you can control the thoughts from continuing... will be successful when you help others to become successful...
...temptation becomes a fact when we think too much about it...

yea, quite deep actually. but try this simple experiment at home.
take a glass of water and put it on a table. project your thoughts to the water. make sure your thoughts are pure and focus. praise the water. give loving thoughts to the water. say kind words to the water. kiss the water. hug it. provide love, care and compassion to the water. do it for about 5 minutes or so.

then, take another glass of water and put it on the table also (do it in another room). project your thoughts to the water. but this time, scold the water bad words. screw it badly. all the mother smelly shoes or fly uncle charlie's kite words. screw it bad man. put all the bloody hellish thoughts to the water. throw in the worst case things you can think of in your vocabulary of mother smelly shoes to the water.
now, remember which glass is which. ask a friend who does not know you did this little experiment and slowly drink and taste the water. ask him/her to taste it gently and slowly and see what is the difference between these 2 glass of waters. try it and you will be surprise.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


main entry: ac·cu·sa·tion
pronunciation: "a-ky&-'zA-sh&n"
function: noun
a charge of wrongdoing that is made against a person or other party

i look down at those people who accuse others. i despise these people who calls themselves professionals but gets down to make false accusation about others. i loathe those idiots. i hope they burn on earth, not hell. doing a project with n..t..i :: and i..l..m..i :: - makes these people more apparent in the world of biz.
requirements signed off. business rules made clear as crystal. and the only excuses they found, with no proof was, "...orang iitc tidak faham apa maksud saya..." - iitc ppl misunderstood what he said. in the first place tht idiot was not even in the requirement stage at all and yet he dared to make such stupid low class comments. and worst, company agrees to it without even knowing what they are accusing us about. dared to accuse us that, " guys are supposed to give them 2 ways of application, one thru excel file import and another manual application...", ya and i shoot a direct bullseye arrow to that idiot of who happens to be a sales manager, "...your word supposed to is not justifiable to the extent that we have done our part in enquiring and persuading users to have the additional function and users insisted not to have it and they signed the requirments on it and what do you mean by we are supposed to..." and the next statement i was about to blurt out was, "...who are you to tell me what am i supposed to do, when i have done all my suppose to already...". i was so about to bang on the table and just leave the room full of idiots from and then my snr manager chip in and hush me to silence. yea, i know i need to hush and i just need to bring myself back to the moment and think clearly. when angry, our minds are muddled and we cant say or think clearly. throughout the entire session of stupid meeting, i was in the centre of accusation, even though i brought out all my facts and my black and white and documents, which i prepared, these two and, which they claim they are "kamching" now, which literally means having a pack now, still find it amusing to accuse others. i cant stand the project manager sitting down there quietly and the sales manager covering her stupid ass and me being the highly choleric melancholic person, with low phlegmatic, i had to make my voice heard. and of course we are in :: i would be shot by the mili.tary and all cameras on me when i say a wrong thing. i have to be smart to say the right things at the wrong place. doh me.

why are people behaving like this. is accusing people and making others feel that they are at fault something exciting to do? what good merits do they get on making false accusation. sometimes i feel sad about these guys, this habit will be with them for a very long time and where ever they go, the bad habits will be stuck to them like their shadow that never leaves them. and how many more innocent lives that they will accuse with their lack of responsibilities in handling problems and not being able to deliver what is promise. is this what they call business in the real world? what happened to honesty, sincerety and openess.

i don't think working with such people are going to make me wiser and richer in terms of knowledge and experience, but i sure found out that these are the lowest of the low people, cast away, and only know how to make accusation and make themselves look good. somehow, i wish and i would like to project bad thoughts to them to make them burn on earth. of course, being a leader who happens to be a buddhist, i would not even want to continue with that stupid thoughts, else there is no difference between them and me anyway.
arghh, i think i am wiser now already...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

...kns * elsf...

congratulations kns * elsf
...finally they are confirmed. still remember the day when kns went up to elsf office to propose and mj and me on the internet line, persuading elsf to download the video clip to see and we then we had to call kns inform when she finish watching the video. and i purposely give the person i was interviewing then some attitude test to work on and i rush to my Y! to persuade elsf. and daniel stand by kns side to snap the very first shock moment of elsf. hmm, now this is the result of it. congratulations guys...

:: especially for you ::

kns, this is specially for you. sorry har, cant help it. its so farnee. (another reason why kns married elsf)

Sunday, June 4, 2006

...crusing to langkawi...

...cruising to langkawi. wakakaz. can't imagine me with a s60. driving a volvo s60 from kl to penang and penang to kl. it was truly amazing. i have never felt so comfortable driving all the way from kl to pg and back to kl and yet not feel tired at all. the seats were so cool, when you press a button, the seat will adjust and you just stop when it reaches the optimum position. initially, i was abit reluctant to go; especially when fred ask me to drive the volvo; cos i dont think i can manage a volvo. hello. a volvo. what am i thinking. s60 man. privilege of driving 600+ km in it. dumb arr me. and that fred has some numbness in his hand; so what the heck, just drive. and obviously the choice was right. all the way, fred ask me not to speed but put to autocruise. so, we cruised all the way, when the car infront is slow, i just have to use my left thumb to press the minus button to reduce the speed or the plus button to increase the speed. and how cool was that. interestingly, it also displays how many more km to empty tank. i was like, wow. cool. first time mar, never seen before. it was really comfortable and gengz. throughout all the way, fred fed me with chocolates, sweets, guava etc to keep me awake. sked too comfi, i fell asleep pulak. imagine, a comfi ride, with someone feeding you luxurious chocolates and harp sound-alike music. what is call total relaxation man. thanks fred for providing that wonderful ride.

why were we in pg anyway? we were actually on our way to langkawi; with our thai friends. it was a really enjoyable trip. with so many thai frens and nice beaches and a good fren to accompany, what more can i ask for. though my love affair with pd has ended, langkawi came in the right time. i love the beach. the sound of the water hitting on the sandy beach and sands between my toes. beautiful! there, we went to beach, obviously, then we went for the cable car. hmm, didnt know jinhwa was terrified with heights. i was almost going to breakdown because of my little phobia to heights. a great view from the top, took lots of nice photos and had a great time. kirk was quite close to us; talking and chatting with me and fred, most probably both of us are very the "fai" one. not to miss out was, ms teen thailand was with us too. hahaha, not bad...not bad...

a great escape away from kl; though for 2 days, but enough to rejunevate me and make me fall in love again. alas, my toes got sand. it was a beautiful getaway trip and spent a wonderful time with good frens, good buddies and fred. thanks fred!. now fred has spoilt me with s60. i cant look at any other car to buy, cos i wont be satisfied adi..