Friday, January 27, 2006


...possibilities unleashed. new year to come. happy chinese new year to all. iitc will close for a week. today office close at 5pm. and work resume on monday 6th feb 2006; where i am supposed to go and do training. d'oh.

...gong xi fa cai and happy chinese new year. best wishes...

Thursday, January 26, 2006

...iitc unleashing possibilities...

...boring meeting with some jerks in ptrjaya. rushed to adtec shah alam to meet with customer. deployed the latest version of tms to them, got lots of data; apparently their pm asked them to pass all hardcopies to us for us to key in the system for them. d'oh. we stepped on his tail issit. i asked for softcopies, they say no, don have. cos their pm ask them to pass me all the hardcopies. wtf their pm! boringly wandered to tesco for lunch at 2.00pm. came back office at 3.00pm. wakakaz. booooo-rinnnnnng!
when reach office; thats when the mood starts to change! wakakaz. the gang was doing the interviewing session in the pool room. matt, loon, justin and kevin were there playing around with cameras and videos and questions to interview. yeap, i didn do any work in the afternoon. went crazy with the camera and recording. very farnee clips we took of the colleagues in the company. wakakakz. one thing we found out from this interview session was; majority cannot pronounce the tagline :: iitc unleashing possibilities. waliao! maybe we should go for simplicity afterall.
the clips were all seriously farnee; with salbiah and her newly learned pool, soong with the so called macho look, teh talkin about nicole, nicole most embarassing moments, kevin's farnee antics, loon voted most handsome (wakakakz), irene's and peggy's name being mentioned the most, all girls wanted time-out to put lipsticks, paul seriously wanted to be interviewed but he was banned, xujia and her buying back shares to be kevin's boss's again, and of course with 1 mil, everyone wud love to invest in iitc. wakakaz. so guys, unleashing possibilities. can you pronounce it well?
IITC Unleashing Possibilities
...I-I-T-C Un-leash-ing Pos-si-bi-li-ties...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

...long wait for dinner...

...a long wait for my dinner date. 7.30pm....10.00pm....10.30pm....11.30pm....12.01am; didnt take dinner and then change back to my sleeping clothes and went to bed. suddenly got a sms; ...sorry dear i didnt expect to be so late... haih. but while waiting for dear, was lying in bed from 10.30pm - all ready to go out; i took a book to read. pretty interesting things i found in there.

"why waste your time to motivate people. you don't have to. with the right people in the team; these people don't need your motivation. they are self motivated. but the no-no thing to do is to de-motivate them. at least you can do it don't de-motivate them"

...gen-z coders...

...i was doing some out-of-nowhere check on the system and found some really d'oh things tht programmers do. shucks, is this wht we call the new-generation attitude; gen-z coders?
some of the gen-z attitude:

a. just simply complete the code. if work, then my job is completed. but to me; d'oh u guys never think one issit? never see the whole picture. never bother if it is being done correcly. imagine i have 2 of the same table in the db - cmnreligion and sctreligion. d'oh whts the difference?

b. tak kisah abt anything abt cosmetics issue cos they say, can solve easily. but to me; its just an excuse cos they will never get it done. i told the gen-z coders to change the label from subjects to subject/module and tht was like 5 months ago and its still not done. how easy was it to do.

c. somebody set this info as my baseline data (administrator; icno is 111111-11-1111; phone is 016-5523614; and he is from melaka. and all other deployment site has the same data. omg) kepala sakit man.

my gawd how my gen-z coders do programming one ler; and everyone complains low pay. so is it a vice versa kind of thing? u don pay me high, i don do a good job. or is it u don do a good job, i don pay you high. so this payment thingy will never end issit.

haih! now waiting to have dinner with dear. hope to have a long chat tonite...

Monday, January 23, 2006

...wht a potrait...

...take a wild guess what was this picture taken for?...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

...birthday wishes to success...

...HAPPY BIRTHDAY success...
- toast and cheers to a great fren -
- many happy returns of the day -
- may your days be filled with love, joy, happiness and all the beautiful people -

Friday, January 20, 2006

...where do we start...

...throughout most part of my presentation yesterday, one thing that kept me in confusion was, wht the heck did we do during training in the freakin ci@st anyway? its really irritating to hear that, my users still do not know how to use the system.
i was explaining what is tms, what are the modules in tms, the 500+ sub-modules we have in tms, how is one module related to another, the biggest module in the system, and of course some tips on how to use the system more effectively (something to trigger them and make them love tms, that is givin them the "wiifm - wht's in for me"), so i tell them some "loopholes" in a jokingly manner, which attracts the users and of course some good stuff to praise their boss. i told them that, if you do not want to do this or do that, you can get away with it - no prob. but, if u are harworking ur boss will know you are doin your job, esp when ur boss en.nidzam is a very hardworking and dedicated boss. wakakaz. so f* fake! but, its the way to impress them anyway.
so, at the end of the presentation, the one question that everyone was looking forward to ask was, HOW DO WE START TO USE THE SYSTEM - where do we start? which module to start first. do we have the mapping of which modules link to which modules.
then, wht comes to my mind was, what did we do during the training session to them? what is training dept supposed to do anyway? was it to "teach the user to how to use the system"? if training were so successful as claimed, then why didnt we answer the simplest question; where do they start? or did we fail miserably? now i am getting worried. here am i, working my butt out trying to implement the system to 21 sites, but after the users attended the training, we stilll have yet to answer to their very basic of all questions, "macam mana mau start (where do we start)". if we cant even answer this question, and not even one person in the whole auditorium knows this answer, does this mean that the training was very successful?
i really dunno. but, i am going to find out what the heck is going on during the 20days of training which is costing me so much money. now my next mission is to educate the users on :: where to start!!! which was not even covered during the training, or was it covered?. wakakaz. i am a trainer; sei mei...

...wht a day... presentation in ciast...

got a call from en.zul that they need a freaking technical person there to help them setup the network. d'oh, where to get one. wt is in ilp.ipoh now. so, i started to install the dem system in my poor acer.

still kenot install. got problem with oracle. shucks.

oracle giving me this error. oci.dll file not found. dem.

still got problem. ocienvcreate returned -1. wtf is this error. so google it and they say its just some security issues. nicole was helping to find solution. helpin to give security rites to aspnet. d'oh

final try. still kenot; even after re-install oracle and mstranx server. d'oh.

don care. too late. rushed to ci@st.

en.zul starts callin me, mooi where are u. users all here. i lied. i was nearing the toll; infact i just left the office.

arrived ci@st. drove like crazy. snr mgr was quite shock from my pathetic driving skills. everyone waiting. system not ready. their ntwk sucks. lai dowan to return call to their system admin cos he got no phone allowance.

the prez went extremely well. wakakakz, sendiri puji sendiri. en.nidzam the boss was very happy. my prez was good. they loved me and i love myself and i think i can create a great impression and get nidzam's support.

left ci@st a happy guy. my snr mgr was smiling all the way, i guess it was a good sign. and arrived office a happy guy.

arrived iitc. checked mail. wish werntien happy bday.
left iitc. went to bonia sales.
on the phone with delon for like 30+ minutes. he was sick.
arrived at bonia sales. but in the car still chattin away with delon.

karen called. bad news. bad news. i hope she feels better. its a TRAUMA!!! arghh...guess this teaches us a lesson.

still lepaking at frens house on top of cheras hill!...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

...tms d'best.cannot find...

...presentations! argh! i hate the feeling of going thru the moments thinking of what to write in the presentation slides. so really wasting time.
i was asked by en.nidzam from ci@st to help them to do a short presentation about tms tomorrow, friday 20th 2006 in ci@st. the expectation was : present tms in a way that encourages ppl to use the system and ensure them that the system is d'best and that no other system can fight. (which brings back the days of sulaiman of tcms d'best, cannot find! wakakaz)
ok, what i was asked to do was this:
a. present tms overview/objectives/etc
b. system demo tms
c. try to tell everyone what is tms all about
d. try to encourage them to use the system
which wraps everything to be :: how to make ci@st d'best site among all the 21 sites that we are implementing the system and bring pride and honor to en.nidzam and make him on cloud9 so that when they all have their ketua pengarah's meeting, he will be noted as d'best institute.
in short, make his institute so dem bloody gengz so tht he can show dem blooddy off.
good for me also ler, i think. this will ease my effort to make the rest of the institute use my system. and when it goes into maintenance, i am off the hook. bye bye tms. wakakaz...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

...whats in a word anyway..

f.a.t (final acceptance test/factory acceptance test)
final acceptance test. after uat, we finish up what is called bugs and quick quick fix all then go for fat then show users during fat tht all kau tim. when they sign, means all safe. no more changes. once fat kau tim, means they all accepted the system, and then we start to deploy. so right after first site deploy, starts one year maintenance. so i quick quick kau tim first site deployment in sept 12, 2005. so one year means, sept 11, 2006.
factory acceptance test stated in the payment schedule is a mistake, it should be final acceptance test. final acceptance means completion of the whole project (include installation and acceptance to all the 21 sites). warranty period shall start upon final acceptance signoff. d'oh when are they going to say tht all kau tim. cham liao!
training preparations and logistics - the co. shall handle at no cost to the govt all training logistics involved in preparing the training programs including, but not limited to, the setup of training venue, resources...etc...etc
ok. we print the materials. hotel, food we pau all.
renting of their training room, their resources to help setup the room all charge to us. wuliao! to solve this, build rapport with them lar. ask them not to charge. true enuff. but d'oh.
i wonder whats in their mind next...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

…blackout in iitc…

its 5.30pm. the lights started to blink. then all the lights went off. then, someone shouted out, “save your work”. then, all the lights went off. shucks. suddenly out of no where, another guy shouted, “aiyoh, smoke”

this is when we realize that one computer was burnt. we saw smoke coming out from the computer. then, our support dept manager shouted to all of us to unplug from the power point. we rushed back to our own computer and unplugged. first thing that came to mind was, shucks, my notebook. dem!. i was lucky. nothing happened to my notebook, i hope. big relieved. then i remembered, my server. oh no, i ran to pull the power cable out from my server. dem, server die means big wok! lucky nothing happened.

then, as i was going back to my place, i saw smoke coming out from my colleagues computer. and she was like holding her hand covering her mouth and shouting. then, i quickly ran to her place and as the smoke was coming out from the monitor, i was quite afraid that it will like blow up. but i got over the fear and pull out the plug of her computer. too late anyway. luckily no blow ups.
(irene watcthing over her pc after she saw smoke coming out from her computer)

all of us were told to pack our belongings and go to the tea house. we did as told. leaving the software room empty; afraid that something might blow up at our face.

(everyone evacuated to the tea house)

when everyone is out, paul and jacky was trying to break in to admin dept. this has got to be funniest thing. nobody in the whole company has backup keys to admin. our md was like, “what? nobody has the keys to admin dept?”

paul wanted to climb over to admin from the finance dept. but guess what, the ladder is in admin dept. it will be iitc most embarrassing moment if this story went out. then, paul and jacky got hold of a hammer and hammered the door knob multiple times and voila, we managed to open it. we got in, checked the control box; nothing major.

well, dunno what will happen tonite. paul and jacky will be back at night to check on it. and tomorrow? dunno what will happen. md told everyone to go back; but those senior ones should stay back for a while longer; wakakaz, not knowing it was already 6.15pm and everyone else has gone back.

so far from eye see, software dept has about 10 computers that were burnt; i think. not too sure of the damage.

but what really happens? according to paul it was some thieves who stole the stabilizer(a copper like thingy) from the opposite tnb sub station. when the stabilizer is removed, all the sudden over power hit to our office and other industry in the same area causes alot of damages and losses. suddenly power surge and then our company was the nearest and voila, computers went into smoke. oh my gawd, i think my power adapter just blew. it is not working. oh my gawd! oh well, we’ll see what happens tomorrow. will upload some photos tomorrow….

Monday, January 16, 2006

...solving bugs, got the bugs...

...while we are all busy solving bugs in the office, i got some bugs! which immobilizes me for more than 10 days. it sure is suffering. when am i going to heal?

it all started on one rainy evening of 5 jan 2006. my good fren's car somehow someway, he claims that it was dark; his drove his little kelisa into the drain. only the front left wheel went into the drain and the back of his car was like hanging in mid air. he called and i rushed out to save his car. yeap, no umbrella. after saving his car, we continued with our dinner; which all of them were an hour late because of the bad jam around the rothmans roundabout. then, we drove our car nearer to the centre and park there. knowing my good fren doesnt keep umbrella in his car, so i went to him share my umbrella with him. yeap, thts when i was kena the rain. its ok. i thought to myself; wont be so coincidence getting sick just like that. sure enough, i got sick. dem!

6 jan :: feel heaty
7 jan :: mild sore throat
8 jan :: sore throat ok. had McD for brunch with a fren in KLIA
9 jan :: dem, my nose is like hell
10 jan :: sore throat getting worst. cant eat at all. swolled fruits at datuk's house
11 jan :: cannot tahan liao. nose like oozing water. body aching. see doc. half day mc
12 jan :: mc. slept whole day.
13 jan :: went to shah alam. oversee the library security gate installation. still sick and headache
14 jan :: dem. cough is getting worst. slept whole day.
15 jan :: coughing and coughing and coughing. stayed home whole day. cannot breathe properly
16 jan :: came back to work. colleagues mc. cough badly at nite. until head very pain.
17 jan :: nose still feeling heaty. cough too much - head pain. aiyoh!!!
18 jan :: abit drowsy; and little headache
19 jan :: feeling much better liao. cough not much liao

should i go see the doctor again...

Wednesday, January 4, 2006 south africa coke... fren jason bought me a can of coke from south africa when he was there for work recently. love it very much. here is a snap shot of the coke. gosh! south africans drinks big coke - 450ml. and malaysian drinks a 325ml. will post more pictures of my coke collection later...

Monday, January 2, 2006

...iitc 2006 new year...

...we had our new year celebration in the office. it is not what it use to be. not as exciting and nothing much to look forward to. quite many gifts were there on display. mine was no28 (can find from the picture). got a little piglet. its from taimeng. and taimeng got mine. coincident. wakakaz. somehow most of the gifts are like doesnt make sense. anyway, i am sure ppl did enjoyed themselves...