Tuesday, October 6, 2009

...diarrhea of the mouth...

...i stuffed myself with so much food today that i was totally washed out when i reached home. why did i have to stuff myself with all those weird looking stuffs into my stomach; paying so high for it and spending tonnes of money for it and all it goes was direct passage thru my anal. and i must learn to be nice to people from now on.

i am suffering from diarrhea of the mouth. too much bitching news comes out from my mouth. mebbe its getting smellier by the day. darn. bitching. releasing frust. writing facebook messages. lunch bitching session. tea bitching session. msn bitching session. talk about life man. this disease gotta be cured soon man.

but somehow this disease has helped to discharge all the negative energy and let me regain back some positive energy. and i guess, i just had my biggest diarrhea just a couple of minutes ago in thru my anal passageway! i have already let it go by the big discharge. its satisfying when u have such big discharge. i am free now..my mouth stinks no more. darlie fresh! see me smile!...


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