Monday, August 10, 2009

...two - one +...

...two negative equals positive. seven early eight early while i was driving to work, i saw a dog in a cage being pulled away by most probably the bandaraya people. the dog look so dem sad, sitting at the corner of the cage; as if waiting to die. i nearly couldnt control myself seeing the poor dog in that condition. later that night, while i was driving home, i saw this parents on a motorcycle; but sandwich between them is their child - with his leg wide open sitting in between the parents and without a helmet. the little boy starred at me and i looked back; cant stop feeling lousy for the little boy. oh my goodness, i am crying adi. thinking back all my small kid experiences. and where i was brought up.
i grew up in a not so well to do family. i dont live in a big house or my dad drives a huge seven series to work. i dont have maid. i dont have the luxury of sleeping in an aircond room from young. i don get mcd! i wear old worn off school shoes from my brother. all my watches are second hand watches. and heck, my parents cant even afford to send me to college for my tertiary education. not that i am entirely overwhelmed with the condition i grew up with; cos heck it was not enough. totally not enough. i dont have an option; especially with so many other responsibility on hand that time.
but anyway, those were old stories. olden days. the history will not determine who i will be in the future, but it will show me the way to who i want to be later. i am rich now; not materialistically but spiritually. wakakaz. i changed alot ever since i entered uni. that time life has put upon me some changes that i could never imagined it would. the changes made me a different person i am now; and that is the positive thing...


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