Saturday, May 2, 2009

...ex-coursemates gathering...

...a day of ex-coursemates gathering in kajang. from our bkek - bacelor kejuruteraan elektronik komputer of 20 of chinese ethnic coursemates out of 100+ whom we are all quite close to each other especially during exams time. however most of the time you will see a segregation of two main group - the chinese speaking ones and the english speaking ones. i come from the english speaking group but ended up learning mandarin along the way and mixed well with the chinese speaking ones. of course as usual exams time are the time when you see everyone united and so-call exchange examination tips. wtf! exam tips is what unites us all.
for 4 1/2 years of my degree course with them, i have been through lots of ups and downs most of the time. sometimes it was the worst of the moments; however the best of the moment are not many. so sad. my roommate tengyong - someone who have tolerated me and stayed with me as roommate; stuck in the same room for 3 years. wakakaz. and of course we become the best of friends; nitely chat were great and lots of sharing of experiences together. he is a wonderful roommate whom i guess is able to tolerate my terrible behaviour! wakakaz.
anyway, back to the gathering. maybe i will post up something about my coursemates in another blog. the gathering saw the few of us together; those few who have managed to stuck to each other closely. 3 of us work at the same area - klsentral but hardly ever meet and we drove more than 70++km to meet each other in kajang. what a joke! it was fun to catch up again; seeing them with their families and kids and doing great in their respective job. and seeing yourself still stuck in a low paying job with low paying salary with a terrible colleague to work with and blardy bastard idiots all around. fcuk it! shcuks. change mindset. change mindset. mostly have moved up in the technical line but some have opted for the management role. however i am the only one who went to hr. something totally out of the scope! but i guess i can be good at it given the opportunity. we had a great chat. celebrating choonyan's birthday and having chocolate strawberry cake from secret recipe and eating and eating all thanks to keeleong who have graciously prepared all the mihun goreng and pasta and satay and many more yumy food for us. talked for a few hours and we adjourn back home and went straight home right to my room and hide in there. why? the weather is dem blardy HOT!.
the pictures are old pictures taken so long ago. probably the last gathering we had which was i guess 2 to 3 years ago. time flies...


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