Thursday, August 6, 2009

...finding light...

...everyone of us is infact a good natured person at heart. but the nature of the world has somehow managed to ravage and devoured our goodness bring us into destitute,despair and hope without a home. but the ligth continues to search the land to snatch people back from the clutches of the devil of the night and wipe away all their tears. bringing them back to goodness. when people find their real identities, they will no longer be afraid of darkness and people will not stray away again.
my philosophy is pretty simple, be the light. how many of us really understands how it feels like to have lost the light? not having the light of hope and being lost in the darkness brings us to the lowest of the lowest and falls into the trap of depression. depression kills. yea, trust me i know. depression did actually came to me without warning and has nearly caused me dearly. i did not share the story with many people, but those whom know about my story will understand why do i want to be the light to fight the darkness. for someone to have lost the most precious thing called hope is really unimaginable. hope is what keeps us moving forward. and to lose hope is losing all that we have. there is no will to move forward. i wont turn down any offer to be of service to people. and that is what i have dedicated to and work towards finding lights...


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