Thursday, July 16, 2009

...all things good...

...yesterday was bhante's birthday. had dinner with bhante. my first time munching with him and a short ninety minutes dinner was filled with so many things to talk about. amazing. bhante said he never knew i had such good "vocabulary" when it comes to writing. do i? hahaha. mostly learned knowledge!

sometimes i felt that i am quite blessed; my life is filled with so many challenges and so many exciting things happening and that is what keeps me going all these while. the challenges are great. the deal i got is wonderful. tiring? absolutely but exhilirating. life is really rewarding after all. have learnt alot especially from the three of them; which taught me some very valuable lessons in life. all things good. and i still owe someone some design flyers. darn. gotta get to work soon.

something positive ler today ya. wakakaz...

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