Sunday, August 16, 2009

...triple happiness...

...what the toot triple happiness is this? mcb. daniel and i thought of a dem good idea for the wedding video for ljs but duh the wife didnt like to be so kua cheong but i guess ljs love the idea and would follow our lead if not because of the wife. but who cares, since this couple dowan the idea will be kept a secret and will be revealed for our next client. wakakaz. so because the pictures given by ljs is not stim enough, we lost our motivation to do the video. i guess that explains the last minute. yea, seriously no mood liao. we didnt want it to be boring and certainly our names will be mentioned and definitely more than 300 pairs of eyes will be watching. must do a good job. but the source file is so pathetic. cant stand the sight of it and how la to do a good job? argh. daniel apa boleh buat? don care first la. leave it to last minute. wedding is on saturday. wednesday passed and thursday came knocking. still feeling pathetic. thursday nite was a difficult nite to sleep. and its friday! lunch passed without me noticing any work done. tea time came with some rojak session with colleague at the pantry. oh shit. mcb. its 5pm. daniel was having exams then. tzayeong called to send him the files for him to start work on another video. still no sign of the semangat to do the video yet. still stuck. still looking at the sky day dreaming.
gotta sms daniel. gotta sms daniel. 6pm. still no sign of motivation and no reply from daniel. cham. how? supposedly to meet jack to discuss about his business plan. lucky he cancelled. phew. cos sure not free one. call. call daniel now. sos. didnt pick up phone. omigod. mcb. mega die man. daniel, where are you ar? finally. at last. heart attack man. at last daniel called. calling for sos. wakakaz. picked him up. packed his stuffs. choose what shirt to wear. what color to match. at that particular moment, still no thougths yet on the video. don care la. dem hungry di. kenot think. drove to section 19 area eat banana leave rice; we got chicken and mutton and ice lemon tea and a stomach full of curry. stomach full. start video. sit down and do video. ya right. do video. we started chatting and cursing and gossiping and still no sign of idea yet. but we had lots of gossip news and farnee moments. song came also to pass us the camera and stuffs. how nice of him to loan us his baby. ok. now. still no mood. ljs arr, no mood to do arr. no inspiration. no motivation. argh. its already 10pm. chat and chat and talk and talk. still no inspiration yet. then the light came. ya right. as if got light. mebbe just excuses kua. cos we talked so big. most probably a pathetic idea. but how its already 11pm and still nothing yet. need something arr. heart already beating so dem fast.
ya right, the light shone on us. why not do the other way around. instead of young to old. we do old to young. something different. simple idea la. but different lor. knowing me. knowing daniel we dont settle for simple stuffs. we go for concepts. though we don have nice gears and we don have good softwares, but we have excellent brain and a good heart and a wonderful concept to build new things. our inspiration your excellence. but ljs ar, this time really no inspiration. really hope the video will turn out nice arr.
and after six hours and a nite without sleep, eyes bulging like cookie monster. body stinko like dung. aircond cold like shit. yay!finally kaotim; well almost all of it. packed. clean. shower and off we go to tzayeong's house to pick him up for our 2-days adventures with our cameras...
our itinerary:
cover jinsong's picking up his bride. lunch cover allexlim wife to be convocation. afternoon back to aarontan's house complete video for jinsong's wedding. this is where the tension comes again. there was daniel's video to finish compilation. and tzayeong's video of the morning session to complete. it was 4pm when daniel and i reach aarontan's place and tzayeong was still fiddling with picture no 1 and aarontan was still editing pictures. my gawd guys. we gotta leave at 530pm to the restaurant. still editing?
obviously the air was cold. i felt the chill in the hot summer afternoon up my spine and i suddenly shrugged a little like you just finished peeing kinda feel; up the hill overlooking cheras. the chilling coke and the cool aircond makes the air even more chilled. the hairs on my unshaved chin stood up. i nearly dieded there with aarontan mega die chillin air. tzayeong was tensed. daniel was sleepy. i was wipedout. i needed a ten minute nap. tzayeong was rubbing his cheek with his palm; that means red alert. but this fella seems to be able to work well beneath the tonnes of pressure while daniel is taking is easy on him too. both of these kids sure can perform well under the pressure cooker. but this bapak sure helluva mega heart attack with ljs on my back calling me every minute. stood strong till the last minute. of course we covered it well. the video was fantastic. the idea was excellent. everyone loved it. we enjoyed it.
morning cover allexlim registration of marriage. late. late. that was on my mind rushing to daniel's pv10. allexlim was constantly reminding me how late am i. but we are all tired. the nite before was absolutely one hundred percent exhausted. but we had to stop at 7-11 for coffee and milo. that was a thrill!. obviously very late. got at least ten calls from our dear fren who has cold feet kept reminding me about the time and kept forcing me to tell lies; every call is about where am i and i had to lie about my location, constantly adding abut 2km from where i am now. and the final call was too much km to add. we were just at the corner. an interesting rom i would say, totally like where got people do it so kua cheong one la. ini budak melampau la. ding dong ding dong all kao tim pictures taken and then lunch over at summit and back to allexlim home for more pictures and mingling.
wah seh. after all these. fcukingly tired man. mcb. kenot think liao. and to think of it. ya right triple happiness. the angpow received was awesome. the double angpow is certainly awesome man. wakakaz. that is what we call triple happiness. happiness from lack of sleep. happiness from the angpows. happiness for doing something so passionate. thanks guys for the opportunity...


Anonymous Song said... baby...Ya of course..Its my Precious..!

August 29, 2009 at 9:58 AM  
Anonymous Song said...

Anyway Its great to help out someone you know for their important days in their lives.

August 29, 2009 at 10:01 AM  

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