Sunday, October 11, 2009

...history+geography... you think learning history can be rather boring? absolutely! yes. i totally do not like history. geography was more like my subject. getting to go places and travel to places on the world map is indeed, breathtaking! then when we combine history and geography, what do we get? two saturdays in a row i was in malacca with kokwai. as if nothing better to do. the trip was actually to plan for something team building program that i am supposed to run in a week's time. a team building to run around jonker's street to st paul's hill and hang li poh's well and bukit cina and all around malacca.
it was really exciting; where kokwai the so-called expert in treasure hunt and me the expert in experiential learning programs. and combining both of these experts; and what do you get? shopping time @jonkers. wakakaz. kokwai was busy snapping pictures and clues and places to be turned into clues and i was busy noting down the location of where kokwai took those pictures. both of us were walking around jonkers and me with a file and pen writing down notes on every few steps i took. its amazing how we have mapped out jonker street in a few hours; location of each of the store and what they sell and their pricing. wakakaz.
the night ended with a lovely chat over coffee with ah loon. been really long time since i have met this dear friend of mine. thinking back all those years. wakakaz...


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