Thursday, June 30, 2005

...stupid morning jam...

...dem! it took me 40 minutes to travel 6km along federal highway this morning. i thought its a normal jam at the motorola bridge there, but doh, how wrong was i. accident was the caused. even though the wrecked cars were parked by the side of the road, still the jam was unbearable. my right leg is shaking now. dem those idiots who stop and look. wake up malaysians. when are u goin to learn. all idiots!!!...

sei mei...

...last day of june 2005...

...i came to office dress in t-shirt and pants, not knowing that i will be going to putrajaya for a meeting. dem. so, after lunch, my manager and i went down to putrajaya to meet with our clients in the ministry of human resources - jabatan tenaga manusia. on the way there, we talked alot of stuff, about that idiot, about the little conversation i had with the idiot, etc. apparently, the idiot works well under a condition where everything is spoonfed to him, documents prepared nicely and structured accordingly. he cant respond to verbal instructions. my gawd, what have we hired here. walioa. i tried to put some senses into him, but he seems to be more of protecting himself rather than able to work together. i think he is hopeless case liao.

when we arived at mohr, i notice how stupid their carpark was designed. all the cars are like parked by the roadside, two way become one way and cars are parked on both side of the roads. really the most ridiculous thing i have ever seen. and, its a two way road, which was reduced to a one way, and it leads to a dead end, meaning if i were to go on in the road, and if there is a car coming from the other end(u-turn at th dead end) and with cars on both side of the road, depending on who is nearer to a open space, that car has to reverse all the way back. really my gawd kind of design.

but anyway, was in jtm for a short discussion. nice office. nice place. and i am stuck in shah alam in a room full of mosquito and the aircond that is hot. dohh. discussion took almost 2 hours, with another colleague coming in to collect our payment, but have yet to process yet. dunno whose fault. but, alot of money there leh.

and reached office, in shah alam of course, at about 6pm. phew. whole afternoon in putrajaya.

so, when i reached office, after checking mails and stuff, i called a few of the colleagues to talk about stuff.

1. what is their opinion about tms now?
2. what is the top item on their mind that they consider as the worst thing in tms?
3. what/how can improve - whats the one thing we can try to improve?

some of the answers i got was, project plan. good leadership. lacks of motivation.

which makes me wonder, what is the real essence of successful project management? good leader? good project plan?

all of us are living in a big pathetic room in ciast, full of mosquitos, dirty floors, hot aircond and chairs that hurt our backs so much, too much mamee to in this not so good condition, how is it that we can rate successful project management and a good project manager? what can we do to make this situation better?

i told the few of them to go back and think. if we leave this tms project, what legacy or good things that we wanna leave behind? do we want to be known as the failed project? do we want to be treated as 2nd class people. if everyone of us now feels that the project is goin down the drain, so what can we do to make some improvements? if we cant improve 100% or 200%, we can try with 10%. and at least we tried.

i hope i put some senses into them and i really hope this project will see us thru to some greater heights. at least, we did something good here. here is a picture of the project team.

.: the one in red is my project manager. 100kgs and growing :.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

...morning jam... i experience the the traffic jam in usj and subang jaya. now i know how does it feel like if you are working in kl and coming out from subang jaya. so, what was i doing in usj this morning?

the story goes like this. i am supposed to deliver the projector to fred. but obviously he will not be in so early. i reached his office at 820am. then, i peek thru the glass door and i saw someone, so i looked for the bell. press it and his pregnant colleague came to the door. and i asked this stupid question, fred is not in yet, right? dohh. then she said, never. wakakaz. i told her to pass the projector to fred. and she said ok. and i said, thank you and left usj. and that's when the jam starts. my gawd!. left fred's office at 823am, reached shah alam, my office at 900am.

what a morning. i hope i wont stay in usj/taipan and got to wake up to work in kl...

...back after a long silence...

...back after a long silence...
so many things has happened this month. INCOVAR camp is over. this was one of the very tiring camp i had, not sure why but i slept alot in this camp. things seems to be ok for this camp. as a matter of fact, things went really wonderful. seeing things that i didnt believe will happen.

work has been tiring. my idiot colleague is constantly giving me problem. screwed up the "student" modules, and dared to say that its not his fault. never admits his mistakes. and always assume thing. hates the manager and always argue with the manager. i think he is something wrong one.

yesterday, my manager told me tht, the hod ask him to tell that idiot to go look for a job, cos his position is at stake now and that hr is only looking at his bad side to decide if he is to stay or not. then it struck me, is hr job supposed to look at the bad side of an employee and that hr is protecting the interest of that company only. i dont think its fair for that idiot to be treated that way. so, i told my manager to get in writing, the good points about that idiot. my manager agreed and so we gathered a few colleague to discuss it over tea. i told the team that, i am sorry that i could not say anything good about the idiot because to me, there is nothing good to say about him at all. and tht, i think everyone else might have something good to say. the session took an hour and we only mange to find 7 good points of him, out of which 5 are his technical skills and few repeated ones, just to make up for the number.

today is uat. literally means user acceptance test. users are hard to please. they made so many changes to the system and launched so many complains here and there. imagine, they even complaint, why are they here. they asked me, why cant they use the system to enter data since my manger told them they can enter data? i said, no. we need to go thru user training first before i allow them to enter data. so, its my managers fault. dem! then, all the users that came arent those who came for my requirements studies at all. so, they do not know what was discussed, thus making changes to what we are presenting to them and delaying the uat time. haih, managers fault. so, i told the manager that i will cancel the uat for this week and i will give him a list of the people i want to come. and i need him to set expectations right. manager just said yes. i hope he remembers what he says lar.

i did a personality test on my manager. and found out that he is sanguine, phlegmatic. its was like, dohh..he is a sanguine phlegmatic..waliao to deal wif him ler.
also did the test on some of my colleagues. well, now i know their personality and i know how to handle them liao. wakakaz. wern tien is same as me, choleric melancholy. choon is choleric phlegmatic - some sort of disorder. the idiot also same. surprisingly, got 3 person in my team who are choleric phlegmatic. hmm, maybe all of them have personality disorder ler.

just tiring these days. yesterday had a long long chat with aaron in starbucks. its nice to have a fren to chat wif the whole night. :D talked many things. will have weekly session with him more often di. somehow, it just felt that after work and coming out to yam char with a fren is very relaxing.

was on the phone wif fred just now for 23 minutes. he ask me to go home now. yea man, i am dem tired. maybe i shall just go home and continue with my nlp readings...