Sunday, October 30, 2005

...i.gemz album cover...

...i.gemz album cover design...
concept and ideas by kns, dk and mco. artwork: accidental mix&match of colors.

the design is simple and elegant. alot of spaces around the cover. the back design is minimal, yet it brings out the elegance and serenity of the whole album concept; to suit to the album title - cradled in buddha's arms.
(top design - front cover. bottom design - back cover)
(draft 01)

...saturday photo shoot... was a saturday morning. and i am supposed to take some pictures for the i.gemz album cover design. ended up with these pictures instead...

Saturday, October 29, 2005

...happy birthday to me...

yea, its the time of the year again. my birthday. hahaha. the nite before had dinner with fred and chatted till like 3am. next morning, woke up at 10am. started on i.gemz album cover design. didn celebrate at all. was home the whole day. home alone that a call from aaron dude and emails from mj and the incovar team. leeyen wishing me happy chinese birthday...

happy birthday to me

Thursday, October 27, 2005

...about ruben...

...ruben came to my company to interview. hahaha, its weird how ruben and i met. was intro to him by this guy joey thru msn. after a few months, and he is now in my office for interview.

really a coincident. ruben's fren from icm is my colleague. initially, i sent ruben's resume to paul. then paul replied that he already hired a week ago. and it turn out that, the guy paul hired - kevin is ruben's fren from college.

anyway, not sure if he got the job; but i would assume if he is hired, he can work pretty well with kevin.

somehow, got this coincident thingy with ruben. somehow got to know him and became msn chat fren.

brought him to mpo and intro him to the gang. wanted him to come over to conduct some hiphop dance in bgf. but need approval. who cares about approval anyway. i need to get it going first man. but anyway, ruben seems to be a nice guy...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005 kuching...

i was in kuching on monday for a meeting - ilp kota samarahan...

4.00am wake up
7.10am flight to kuching
9.00am arrive kuching
9.30am cab to kuching town go coffee bean
12.30pm cab to kota samarahan
2.00pm meeting
3.30pm presentation of tms
5.30pm left kota samarahan
9.50pm flight back klia (POSTPONED)
11.05pm flight back klia.
1.00am arrive klia
2.00am arrive home

i made a presentation of tms to all the ketua pengarah there, so many of them in the room i think there are almost 40+ people. with the datuk in there as well! they love my presentation and they are looking forward for me to go and implement the system in their institute. waliao...i think i oversell our system di...

after the presentation, this guy romzi gave us a ride to kuching town where i managed to snap lots of pictures by the riverside. a beautiful site indeed. some pictures to share here....

Thursday, October 13, 2005

...i give up?...

"...When people feel drained, when they there is no objective, when it is meaningless, people will surely have the easy excuse to quit..."

a fren of mine recently made that comments. how very true. all of my colleagues who left - those who resigned - not made to go - are like that. they gave up!

1. gave up on all the promises made and never fulfilled
2. gave up on doing coding - cos its all CONTROLLED coding
3. gave up on management who never appreciate people
4. gave up on the middle management who have this unreasonably attitude-wrecking mind
5. gave up work cos they cant see where they are going, lost of vision
6. gave up on striving in a company full of shit
7. gave up on hr who has not produce good fruits

but one thing they did not give up on was coming back together for ANY reunions or dinner at 1Utama. wedding dinners, mamak session, christmas, hoildays season are times when we see these great people having a nice time uniting their strength and vision to build a better future for themselves and their friends.

but, why am i still here? alex told me...look at opportunity in the problems. i saw all these problems. and more importantly, i saw my opportunity.

and i still have not given up yet!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

...yes, i am very tired...

...almost 4 weeks since we all moved back from ciast. and how i feel about it? it sucks.

for almost one whole week, i have not have enuff sleep. its pretty tiring. and i am tired. so many sad things has happened within this short period of time and i dunno how to feel sad anymore. the most sad thing was one of my colleague leaving. it just caught me by surprise and i was really stunt tht time. i really do not know what to do. yes, i support him all the way for leaving. yes, i am glad he has found something that he wants to do. but, also yes, that will leave me with alot of problem. i cant say, its ok, cos its not ok. but, thats my problem to deal with, not his. so, i am happy for him leaving.

recently, i have been talking to another good colleague of mine. well, he is the only one i can trust talking to. i mentioned alot of things from my perspective of how things can be improve and how we can push things to go on. i am tired of how management handle things. yes, i am sure management knows about it. yes, i am so sure everyone knows the problem. but, also yes, they are not focus in solving this problem. solution? no! opportunity? plenty. i have plenty of opportunity here for the f* up company (as alex mention, look at opportunity in all the problems). if i dont even care, i will not even think about it. the fact is, i do care about it and i do want to make changes. i can be very vocal about all these, i will stand up to it if required. but, should i? there are just so many things to learn...

why is then management like that? this company has been hiring the wrong people to do the wrong thing. we have an hr manager 2 years ago, hoping she can bring some changes to the company. 2 years later and all we got was, reduced annual leave, more forms to fill in, and alot of red tapes and limited parking spaces. is this what we call good hr? why is management still not bothered about it. WRONG? NO. its correct. its valid from my perspective. and i beleive many share the same feelings with me. just me being too vocal about it.

someone send me this document. and i think its quite true...
"...Scorpio employees usually exude a quiet self-confidence. They
are self-sufficient and do not depend on others for a sense of
self-worth. They keep their private life separate from work and
take complete responsibility for their actions and their situation.
They don't make excuses; they just take care of business and
expect everyone else to do the same. Those who don't, co-
workers and managers- will have to endure the Scorpio wrath.

They don't mind being completely vocal about what they feel is
wrong with any given situation. And if you tread on their fire be
sure to expect retaliation. They won't take insults or opposition
lying down.

If you manage a Scorpio employee, be sure to follow through
with your word and don't break any promises-Scorpio is
keeping track and building up some heavy resentments
against you if you do. You may not even be aware of it until
too late-but when Scorpio gets too much, you'll be sure to

Scorpio employees will react towards those around them
exactly as they are treated. When they get what they want,
they will be very accepting.

If you are trying to work with or motivate a Scorpio co-worker,
be sure to treat them respectfully and act professionally.
Give them challenging work that allows them to utilize their
awesome self-confidence and courage..."

but, you know what, despite all the things...I AM NOT GIVING UP YET!