Sunday, July 9, 2006

...just the 3 of us...

...trimmed my hair as kns suggested me to do. i have not cut them since like last christmas. wash my car so that it looks cleaner and whiter than loon's. cut my fingernails. its been months since i cut them. skipped lunch. drank 2 cans of coke. and whole day thinking of getting a new phone.

i had a pretty interesting chat with a sanguine phelgmatic good fren today. being a choleric melancholic me, somehow i notice how both of us can work well together. both having a complimentary blend makes us even better as a team to get things done. by joining force, we have all the 4 personality type and that for sure will be a good combination. we support each other to make things work.
then somehow, our conversation becomes of dh. of all the 20+ episodes, i only remembered one scene. the scene where lynette's kids was so into where babies come, etc. and she had a hard time explaining to them. and u knw her strategy of handling the situation? well what she said was something so true. not about the part about saying disgusting stuff to make the feel scared, but her other strategy. i think that was the coolest strategy.

ok, a picture taken at my table. so messy. and you can see 2 incovar pics taken in fgs beside my blue bottle. with my tms team. calvin, werntien and kim (his last day of internship). and then there were 3 of us...


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