Monday, September 5, 2005

...CIAST implementation...

...september 6, 2005...

the very first site implementation of tms after one year, exactly one year since i join this team, upon my return from chiang mai! i am not sure what will i expect today, but this is what i see ::

a. i met my new pm yesterday and his first leadership words to me was, "i am a people person, i will talk to everyone". its like DOH, lets wait and see. well, to my surprise, my new pm is short, partially bald and speaks so softly. well, thts my first impression ler.

b. my existing pm came into office today at 930am and started everyone what they want to eat for breakfast. its like, double DOH, its implementation day and all he can think of is eat eat eat.

c. my system engineer is asking stupid questions, "gimme a new clone pc to do installation". its like, triple DOH, is getting pc what i NEED to do for u or u are just plain not innitative enough to get it yourself but have to depend on me.

and i am not getting any more DOHs today!!!


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