Tuesday, November 21, 2006


...its pretty hard for a sanguine.choleric.melancholic guy to be on a dkdc mode. and what more dkdcdb. i just had to take a leave. being in redcap, it is exceptionally difficult to go through the entire ordeal.
i took up on an offer by success. success offered me a change of perspective. change of tv channel perhaps. i think its good that i accepted the offer which drove me crazily in the heavy rain all the way. having been stuck in the heavy downpour made me realises many things and showed me great determination to strive forward.
got a ring from my snr.mgr and he asked me where am i. i said, i had to move on. though the heavy rain is clouding my vision, but my redcap gave me the little push forward. forward to the higher ground where my vision will be clearer. hoping to see the clear sky twin towers, perhaps snap a picture of the perfect twins of perfect structure and stability...


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