Saturday, November 11, 2006

...swinburne adventure...

...yes. again. i was asked to conduct the best business practice for swinburne university. not knowing the entire process in the enterprise version and only given a short notice, do i have a choice? yes i do. i was given the choice of either becoming the pm or the sa role here. if i chose to be the pm, then my snr pm would need to be the sa. and he has to conduct the bbp. wakakaz.
i had so much trouble understanding the system. i dont have the scope despite my many times of asking and enquiring. the right people could not give me the right information even though i asked many many times weeks before it. whats wrong with these people anyway. because i am not representing myself, i need to know what i do not know. i was only given 2 days to learn up the entire system, enter data and make sure everything is working fine. but of course, everything was not fine. nothing is fine. srm scope was not clear with lots of mising modules. sfm has lots of issues with the scholarship and 3rd party fees. sam was better of but creat job has some issues with sql2005 and nobody did anything to it until i voiced out. hostel was supposed to be good, but ended up too many errors and the linkage to finance module was severely damaged. there were just too many bugs in the system. but despite all the bugs, the best business practice session still have to go on.
yeap. i twisted my way through. i had to. wait. of course i have a choice. either to do it well or live with the errors produced by others and blame it on them and make a big wuha on the issues and screw ass. but of course the latter is not much of a teamwork isn't it. 5 days. 5 non-stop days i was worrying day in and day out of what to say and how to conduct the session. dreaming of what i should say and rehearse in the toilet my daily opening speech. sleepless nites thinking of how to make it more interesting and how to make it really best practises. it was really stressful. you cant show it to the customer, you cant screw people - no point anyway. you can only smile and laugh to the mistakes and hope for the best and get it fixed later.
5 days of excruciating pain and frustration. tough week. but survived it all. glad to be back or rather not glad at all. got a bow and arrow. thought it was a good present for myself and keep to my collection with the crossbow. but as i was approaching the checkin counter at the airport, i was afraid that it would be taken away and made a promise that if i ever got through, the arrow and bow will be given to wt. and of course, i got through. and it is now with him...


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